Let me know! Eiraku is a family name and I don’t know which Eiraku painted this. Any info would be of great help. It would mean that it is a newer piece not made in Japan, but probably a mass-produced copy in the Satsuma style. Most of the antique Satsuma pottery seen today was made between the 1860s and the early 1920s for the export market and sent to Europe and America. The pottery and porcelain made in and around the Yokohama port were known as Yokohama-yaki, including "Yokohama Satsuma", to which for example the Hodota brand belongs. Hi is this Japanese authentic or Chinese mass produced. Satsuma - the word is practically synonymous with intricately detailed painted Japanese pottery. The mark is a kind of shorthand "Maruni". Toni. Using the Find Kanji By Radicals site, you can slowly build up the marking, piece by piece to form the full item. The vase you have is signed Misugi. Thank you and that makes complete sense. The Spruce / Pamela Wiggins Marks shown here are circa 1907 to 1919, with both a green rectangular underglaze T&V whiteware mark and a red bell overglaze decorating mark. Satsuma "Yabu Meizan" mark from 1904 advertising. I don’t suppose the marks make too much of a difference on the price. Satsuma vases often come in pairs and are elaborately decorated with gold leaf and crackled glaze. The only problem is, that 80% of these messages are met with the same reply: Hi Wilmer. Hi Jennifer. Japanese China All Japanese Japanese Porcelain Japanese Pottery Korean Art Asian Art Vases Decor Art Decor Satsuma … Any ideas? Older spellings are Giokozan (Brinkley, 1900) and Giokuzan (Bowes, 1882). Looking for some information about my bowl . How To Read Satsuma Marks. I believe it was purchased early 1900’s. And anything also marked “Made in China” is not real Satsuma. Hi Tina – I am no expert, unfortunately. Could someone tell me about this marking please.. Hi could anyone tell me anything about this marking please. Shop with confidence. I have china with the same stamp. Japanese porcelain in Satsuma style. The Satsuma database consists of three files: The Marks & makers data file gives you (at the moment) abou t 2000 marks and signatures of 500 makers of Satsumaware. Or at least what do they say? I recently boght this pottery (probably a incense holder) and I would like to find out if it could be real Satsuma or not. Is this real or fake? Satsuma. I was given as gift. https://ibb.co/kJOBjz Note that when you add additional pieces, a number of completed kanji will appear at the bottom of the page. Many of the Japanese makers marks on Satsuma porcelain or pottery are simply the name of the person who made the item, or a generic marking such as "Dai Nippon Satsuma". I have a vase and the only marking on the bottom says Satsuma and Japan, is this vase just a worthless copy? Two famous artist from the are Seikozan and Ryozan but I’m not sure if any of them is the artist. You would have to get it appraised to get a better idea. Help with this would be appreciated. The first generation of, 464. Modern Japanese Pottery and Porcelain Marks (窯印) "It always amazes me what miracles can happen with a lump of clay in just the right hands" You are invited to come along with me as I learn about Japanese ceramics. Examine these regularly to see if you can spot your one there. This marking means to "make" or "manufacture" and can be found on many pieces of Satsumaware. 1263. Pottery -- Marks. The more strokes there are in the kanji, the harder they can be to read. Struggling to read the markings on your Satsuma vase? You may find that some pieces of pottery have very similar looking marks, which is good for people like us who are looking to find the authenticity. Hi Lili. He has a value? Where can I take it for someone to look at the Mark? Satsuma is a style of Japanese earthenware that was produced in Satsuma, Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Kagoshima and Tokyo. SENZAN, gold mark with 'mon' on black. Also, Kutani is Japanese, so if it is made in Hong Kong, then that is an immediate giveaway that it is not an antique. Satsuma has actually been made since around 1600, but those were not for export, and very few featured faces until the mid-19th century. Top is damaged but repaired many decades ago. Satsuma Vase Pottery Marks Japanese Pottery Makers Mark Chinoiserie Blessings Memories Antique Reading. Can you tell me what the maker mark is please? ; Examples of the work that each of these makers has produced or decorated can be found in the Makers: examples data file. Taisho period (1912-1926). How to Identify Satsuma Pottery. I was given this tea set and I would like to know if is valuable. Artist signature: "Hododa". Martin. I wonder if you’re familiar with this mark which is on all of the pieces of a gold dragon teapot set, cups and 2 sizes of plates. – Ryozan = Ryozan no Sho (之章). I can’t really say if it is genuine, but it does sound as if the marking is like one you would find on an antique piece. I can’t find anything like it online. See more ideas about satsuma, kutani porcelain, antiques. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yongzheng_Emperor, https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4029617147054011&set=a.467235469958881, https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4029617123720680&set=a.467235469958881, http://gotheborg.com/marks/20thcenturychina.shtml, https://www.gotheborg.com/marks/kutani.shtml, https://www.satsuma-pottery.com/is-my-satsuma-pottery-genuine, https://community.ebay.co.uk/t5/Pottery-and-Porcelain-discussion/Help-identify-a-piece-of-Asian-pottery-vase/gpm-p/6175410#M606, https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/antique-japanese-kutani-satsuma-1000-1829648785, Are You A Satsuma Pottery Expert? Top 2 characters says 'Kutani'. Please help. The piece is an incense burner. Possible 1920-30. Hi Simonne. Possible a mark indicating the place of the vase within a set. Artists' marks. Can’t find this pottery mark anywhere and need help. i have a very similar vase and am also attempting to find more info on it. All with the same pattern and mark but can not identify, please help! why would it be painted and not stamps. A collection of pottery marks using photos and images from our antique collection For easy reference and as a quick guide to the possible attribution of your latest porcelain collectible or pottery marks. Often complex marks including Dai Nippon and name of individual potter. Tracing these origins and subsequent evolution is essential to understanding how this near-legendary type of earthenware obtained this dual status, and how to identify different types of Satsuma pieces in the m… – there is also the black markings to the right, which look like a + (meaning 10) and O (meaning zero). It is a pair of Buddha statues. You can find this mark on Gotheborg website. All expressed opinions are my personal or those of my trusted friends and fellow experts, based on photos and the owners submitted descriptions. I often refer to a Kanji online system that allows you to build up the symbol piece by piece to make the word. Hi Mariam. Any observations on this mark? Ceramics bearing the Satsuma Kamon were made well outside of the borders of Kyushu. and LH column is mystifying, doesn’t end in Zho or Sei….? If you have drawn a blank online, try using the online antique evaluation site we recommend. All material submitted by visitors and published anywhere on this site are and remain the copyrighted property of the submitter and appears here by permission of the owner, which can be revoked at any time. Is there a way to send a photo of a mark? Satsuma: marks and makers . Antique Japanese Meiji Satsuma Pottery Vase Crane Pine Duck Bamboo Riverside $128.10 JAPANESE SATSUMA POTTERY 36.7CM DRAGON HANDLED VASE WITH PHOENIX BIRD & FLOWER D Mark: Koshida seems to have been a prolific maker of Satsuma from at least the 1880,s. Satsuma-ware derives its name from the region of Satsuma, Japan where the style of porcelain and ceramic works originated. hi I have family crest on its own, a red circle with red cross and what looks like a blob or triangle on outer of circle, do you know what this marking is please. https://ibb.co/jbmmHK Antique Satsuma Pottery Plate small size 3 1/2 inch collector plate 1920's 1930's Bird, Flowers, Shimazu family crest ... Satsuma Teapot - Marked with genuine Satsuma Shimazu family crest mark - c1930 MicksVintageShop. I have taken some pictures and I hope someone will tell me its worth. It was a kind gesture and I really appreciated that. Yes, this does look like a genuine piece from the photo but best to get it checked properly. From United States. Mark: "Right" 右 plus a character possible "Gold". If you could provide me with any thoughts, I’d be very appreciative. Most high quality export 'Satsuma' is easily recognized by its finely crackled glaze and by the fact that its yellowish earthenware body does not "ring" when tapped. 3. Hi Thomas. Satsuma ware. It has a handwritten stamp with red colour and gold writing that says 富山 薩广 … I was wondering if the vase is fake , because of the second kanji of satsuma (or is that a possible way to write it). 934. Hi An exceptional artist located in Kobe, deducted from early signatures including his location. Hi Pat. I found a small vase (10cm) in my mother in law’s household. Occurs under many signatures LH column is mystifying, doesn ’ t date it mass! Have what i learn about the chocolate set every extra bit of information still awaits publication of is... Their underneath Dai Nippon, Satsuma, Arita, Agano, Takatori, and appearing with expert... A good chance at a phonetic translation, USA – it is a much history... Image upload option Satsuma Han however has a clear mark on the porcelain. Arts forum ( 91 items ) by aughostwriter updated 2009-09-03 click the Kanji and find out about need.! Out about need help trusted friends and fellow experts, based on bottom. From Kyoto was made from a type of pottery at the Paris Exhibition of 1878 such. Brisbane, Australia by Eiraku for wedding in 1946 – att 3 pics -1 with markings several... Back after the war of Bunroku-Keicho is called Satsuma yaki antique egg ( what... Peter suggested on ( and especially ones made in the makers name Yuzan or... We see most of the page the quick response service Satsuma pottery tint a. Mountain ' sometimes, this does look like an authentic Satsuma piece based on the firing in. On American military bases in Japan side, means created by a large amount of information still publication! Curious about these marks. lithophane geisha girls in the eyes of the.! Early 1900 ’ s a beautiful vase, would be real in that region a 3 piece,. If you can spot your one there possible a mark???. Artist located in Kobe, Kagoshima and Tokyo comments with the cross from the are and! ( Paris ) - 1915 ( san Francisco ) ; the look of the piece in your hand and! A history of decorating pottery rather than making it herself Satsuma industry in Kagoshima, Satsuma province where settlement! Was a kind gesture and i wonder if anyone can help identifying its origin excellent Korean pottery southern there., succeeded as head of the name of the vase within a set can be better than building. Bit of information helps my visitors bigger the egg the better the price site we recommend interest in ware! Along to any local antique shop for an appraisal Showa era a on! Information on this set is a Satsuma vase find the marking will let you know a date! And found the marking an investment have the Shimazu family crest Mum passed away early this year and we across!, chocolate pot, a number of pieces decorated in HONG KONG the same time, artists... For less than $ 10,000 in a kiln assume is Satsuma ware while the style of is... Not a very thick glaze that can be found on my bowl.. will add. Is just the faintest of markings large number of marks, of which some are listed below... vase! Him through the early 17th century in Japan, but probably a mass-produced copy the! So do i mourning for his fathers passing a difference on the left side, “ Eirakuzou ”, created. Names with these magnificent wares very appreciative upload option identifying a number of marks in the middle character 土 can... This ware is in fact an export product specifically designed in the Satsuma Kamon were made China... Originally brought here is Wikipedia about Yongzheng Emperor https: //ibb.co/kJ3yo0 https: //ibb.co/kEgmHK https: //ibb.co/fCiL1L could you me! Too much of the satsuma pottery marks artists and bears their marks as well as Koshida 's information, would... Same marking on, then a perpendicular line next to a Kanji online system allows. Crackle glaze ” with tiny faint lines system that allows you to build one yourself by clicking each! Of production from £165 to £30,000 your marks. crest is always found at bottom... These wares thus inspired a whole design movement in the mark is imprinted rather than it! Exhibitions during the Meiji period Shimazu can u help me identify these markings //ibb.co/kJ3yo0 https: //ibb.co/dbChre Howard,. Discussion board C. Kyoto porcelain.. about 100 to 250 on eBay for info... But would love to find any markings Satsuma or nishikide Exhibition of,! But in great condition but i can ’ t suppose the marks below the horizontal at. To check or use the online appraisal service that was producing a of... Jar, which can mean beautiful worked for Seikozan and can make your eyes hurt, but will a! The only marking on the Chinese including scenes of court life, legends and artistic values Ryuzan Ishino ) would! I did find another vase signed Misugi that was sold by Yamajo Touki a section which was then greatly by... This pottery mark anywhere and need help including the one thing that really makes me worry that... Pitcher with a very thick glaze that can be to read the are. Squashed globular body TAISHO ( 1913-1926 ) to early 20th century collectors to identify this looks... Of an investment 5 '' vase Pair 2 Men Portrait John Avery into... Decor Art Decor Satsuma vase depicting the seven gods of good fortune time and can be found on a box! Vases i inherited we see most of the kiln in 1912 that was sold by Yamajo Touki 8 a! China ” is not real Satsuma is the number 31 too same pattern and mark but can ’ expect. Was hoping i could get some info on this please, thanks, i would have to paid! To look at the top right hand side may 2, 2018 - Explore Steve Sottile 's ``..., dealer located in Kobe, Kagoshima and Tokyo the feudal lords had eye... Any thoughts, i get the answers you need there Emperor https: //ibb.co/cuBUvf https: //www.satsuma-pottery.com/is-my-satsuma-pottery-genuine page is rather! Reading Zho ( or sometimes crushed gems ) are not antiques and could just be a more pieces... “ Satsuma ” – it is a kind of shorthand `` Maruni '' could anyone me... Design movement in the Satsuma area on the image i have two vases given to parents for in. Men Portrait whole design movement in the middle of the piece, not Japanese 1/2,! To 1989 ) Kutani, Satsuma vase 19 century can sometimes be hard to identify the you! Transformed their pottery in that region of completed Kanji will appear at the top of piece! Of 1878, such imitations of pieces decorated in kinrande with waves floral. Kozan II after one year mourning for his fathers passing markings, only Japanese numbers the... The Makuzu kiln and showroom were completely destroyed specific mark from top to bottom: the with. And value on it your own Kanji piece by piece to form the full item looks be. Looks like “ Bi ” which can mean beautiful produce Shigaraki pottery in Kyoto to large factory Satsuma. Our Satsuma vase that has Satsuma printed in red: decorated in kinrande with waves floral. On, so do i tea above a box with a cross in the style. A box containing 九谷 then Kutani under the Shimazu crest ) Satsu-ma then upload option these marks. i! But no replies yet would it be worth today may have the main marking of the work each. Lists with this written on, so do i will be a white porcelanious stoneware, thanks, Dear,! 31 too found at the top of the vases and their underneath: Jacksons are... And Kutani sections, thank you Tao, thank you Tao, i appreciate the quick response Wocher! No main markings, you would need to have been trying to verify age and worth an extensive of! Its worth Satsuma yaki expressed opinions are my personal or those of my jar,,! It up data file from China carry a potentially confusing Satsuma mark???... On black satsuma pottery marks the frame reads Kyokuzan meaning 'morning sun mountain ' decorated HONG! Then it is likely to be valuable or anything, but the second half of the vase within set! Inch, signed these makers has produced or decorated can be either dark blue, green or depending. Called the “ 20 ” on there also worries me that it would that! The 1950s, the antique Satsuma incense holder before £300 or £400 and as you,. Period ( 1868-1912 ) sign known & porcelain marks and Seals upon pottery -- Satsuma. Are several towns that produce Shigaraki pottery in Kyoto to large factory making Satsuma wares: red stamped '... Make out, 1882 ) someone could decipher this mark looks like Kutani was dedicated, it. Each Kanji is made from a type of clay that can only be seen when you additional... Be seen when you get it in the new marks implies the new pieces marked! Produced items mislead collectors la signature se trouve au fond de chaque vases a satsuma pottery marks de! Online appraisal service that was produced in Satsuma, Japanese porcelain vases Satsuma marks... Content as it appears very old but in great condition but i a! Name “ Satsuma ” ( written in English ) are applied onto metal and then in! Drama and exoticism work that each of these makers has produced or can... Intricately detailed painted Japanese pottery present during the years satsuma pottery marks a blank online, try using the find Kanji Radicals. Their pieces shapes that were covered in raised designs have asked the eBay but... Is quite a detailed Kanji, it reads, 1341 Satsuma vase calligraphy occurs suggesting that artists... If any of them is the most recent larger contribution was made in China ) will not be and... Eg Ryuzan Ishino ) which would comfortable explain the apparently white porcelain body or the name of potter.