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“Great sounds I hear from your page! Acoustic music is the best! Wishing you all the

- David Rice (Reverbnation Fan)

“I have had the pleasure of owning a copy of the CD “Fight Fair” by “Curly Joe” ( singer
/ songwriter Neil Wise) for a while now. Neil has a great way of telling a story or delivering a message through his songs, and this, his debut solo album released in 2010 (and
very well produced by Paul Norton) includes 13 tracks covering a range of interesting
and diverse topics.. His arrangements, the musicians and singers that play on the CD
with him and, his use of acoustic guitar, mandolin & harmonicas - really help bring these
songs to life. His delivery is easy and his ‘sound’ fits perfectly for the style of music he
delivers – making it a very easy CD to listen to. As I travel around, ‘Fight Fair’ is now a part
of my regular staple of CD’s that travel with me, and I would recommend checking it out
to have as part of your collection. ”

- Ian Pav – PavMusi

“Curly Joe is the Mr Bojangles of songwriters. His tales of life and it’s fur-balls, encrusted
in acoustic sounds and folk feel, pull you in with the realisation that you can relate to the
man and his music”

- Anthea Palmer, General Manager ‘The Chandelier Room’

“It was great to see you at The Chandelier Room. What a cool place. Have been really enjoying your new album! Got it spinnin' right now :)”


“Love the music!!!”

- SueCarey9 (YouTube Fan)